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Carita Jamaica Ltd, formerly Marketing Developments Limited, was registered in Jamaica in 1984 to access the marketing opportunities in the fresh produce and processed food sectors. The company has grown from a one person operation in the first year to a team of 20.

Striving to serve the Jamaican diaspora, wherever they may be, the majority of Carita’s exports are to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where the largest pools of Jamaicans exist. Jamaicans can be found in the far corners of the world, across the Caribbean Coast of Central America and today trending emigration toward such far-flung nations as Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our expanding market includes, all the visitors to Jamaica, who have enjoyed the fabulous fresh produce, fruit and prepared dishes, while on vacation. Seeing our Jamaican products in their local supermarkets, brings back pleasant memories, and they can now take a taste of Jamaica home.

Today, the world is our market.

Rita Hilton of Carita Jamaica Limited, shares her eye-opening experience after Season 1 of NCB Capital Quest.

NCB Capital Quest is a Jamaican reality TV series. The program kicked off with a week-long boot camp in October 2014, where contestants were trained in key subject areas; including leadership, corporate governance, and investor pitching. The boot camp was designed to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to better position their businesses to attract investors. Following the boot camp, the SMEs were put through a number of capacity building activities and grueling entrepreneurial challenges, testing their determination and business acumen. Over the seven episodes of the first season, seven SMEs competed for an equity investment of up to $50 million JMD.

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